Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Welcome to my first blog. I hope infact I wish that there would be a lot to come. The inception of everything, I am told, can be traced to a person or an event or both. I would be tracing this in some other post. This time, let me start with the title of this blog. I would hereby, like to say that both the title and name are in accordance to my very purpose of scribbling here.

I am fond of writing, which can be traced in my habit of diary-writing and other creative stuffs like screenplays, stories etc. However, my blogging has to do more than just a habit. The main aim is to share my views, my opinions across varied topics; and this I shall be doing by sharing my experiences. I know that I am too young to share ‘em but still, here is an attempt I believe that the Life is more than just a challenge, or a journey or an ice-cream for that matter. There are many definitions for Life, customized to everyone and they all are equally true.

In continuance to that, I define Life as a Cliff-Hanger. I chose this word with utmost care so as not to make Life sound enigmatic. I believe so because Life throws a lot of spells or events, which we can’t comprehend all the time. No doubt, sometimes we do but other times we fail miserably; and interestingly this is a never-ending phenomenon or to be more specific an amaranthine phenomenon. Hence, I name this blog so because it is a rendezvous for me, which is though a cliff-hanger but has no single climax. I know, it sounds ironic but can’t help it as the irony ought to appear when a tyro like me tries to define something as complex (you can read ‘obvious’ as well) as Life. Moreover, as this is an identification of these things from my angle, so I call it Dixitification.

Here goes my first learning, one of the recent learning. I used to be a person having crude beliefs in facts, though this is a trait which goes very well with my profession. However, recently I realized many peculiarities with this perception. As I always say, “Most often, what one sees with the naked eyes is what the heart wants to see. And what the heart wants to see is what has been pre-conceived by it” So, when I try to come out of this pre-conceived notion, I realized that what you see is a naked fact. However, the fact is always not the truth. And the truth is so enmeshed into web of facts, claims, data, visuals, inferences, interpretations and knowledge-statements that it may lost forever.

The main function of brain is to gather, store, analyze and reproduce the data or knowledge, as per the requirements. The problem arises when there is an information overload; the brain starts abdicating all other functions in favor of storage. This get worsens, when you are studying at a place of high excellence and you are in quest of highest excellence in the domain of data storage. As they say, you should be an Answer-Man rather than a Rain-Main, I advocate that saying. Instead of becoming a data-spitting machine, one should try to use his talent in creating some knowledge. Yes, I am serious when I challenge the prophecy, “Knowledge can never be created, but only shared” I bet, it can be created.

If I would ask you as how many planets are there. Some of you would still answer 9 when the debate is enraging on whether 8 or 10. Here, “9” is rejected from the very root. May be in future, you would find more than or less than this figure. Data is never persistent; the reason lies in its origin. It is originated from an untiring quest for the knowledge. People created decimal system, which is why today 7 +7 is 14, it could have been anything else if this system has not existed.

The whole idea of this exercise is to put my point across the table (if any) that the so-called genius is only good for storing data \ information \ knowledge - not good for devising something new. This data and knowledge is man-made and good only till it remains accepted as per its assigned authenticity. Hence, one should not try to remain pre-occupied; rather try to see beyond the visibility. As I most commonly quote, "If you won't dare to look beyond horizons, you will never feel the joy of infinity" Sorry for not remembering the author and I didn’t even try to google it out for obvious reasons.

Hence my advice to everyone (particularly, for myself) is that one should come out of one’s pre-conceived notion. Try to relate things with their respective utilities and don’t store them for any absurd reason like what I stated above. Try to use the brain cells for some more useful work. Well, I guess, it is getting abstruse now so let me conclude with a famous saying, “You do not drown by falling in the water, you drown if you stay there”

Disclaimer: I tried to come up with something, which belongs solely to me, but I guess there are a lot of “inspirations”. I am indebted to all of ‘em. Finally, but most importantly, comment something on this even if you neither agree nor disagree to this. I am saying this thing, keeping in mind that the extremes would definitely be saying something.


planet_manish said...

Stirred my thoughts...My Grey cells asking for more. Good work genious !!!

meenakshi said...

hey this was smething very difficult for me to understand, itni typical language, bt jao samajh aaya tht was amazing, too gud yaar n thts y i alwayz say u r a genius.....keep wwriting more.

sindhu said...
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sindhu said...

so finally the genuis bandha has encripted his thoughts on his web site.. good this time am also appreciating this.No doubt i used to call u genuis.Keep scribbling. I liked it reading but understood it only in the third short.So u can imagine how many times i read ur encyclopidia to understand that. lol.. awesome one!!!!!!

govind said...

what to say..!! i am not getting words to say abt this amazing job...!! and i know this is the just start.. in few days u will be on pinnacle..!! my best wishes with you...

pushkarsingh said...

2 line padh ke chor dee 2 tuff 4 me way 2 go data
pushkar singh

pushkarsingh said...

bus 2 lines padhi 2 tuff 4 me
way 2 go data
iim i ki izzat ter haton mein hai