Monday, April 30, 2007

It's all about choices

To continue with the saga of Life, first of all thanks for the appreciation which I got from you all. It has encouraged me to write again. Well, it may be unfortunate at your part to listen again to the philosophical stuff but I am told by most of the people that I should continue with it at least for a time-being.

To begin from where I left, we saw that there is a toss between data and the innovation. This is the case everywhere. Life has originated from the dilemma and it has been our Choices which have lead us to the place where we stand today. Let me owe the liberty to quote an excerpt from the Bible; when Eve ate the forbidden fruit, the serpent said, "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know Good and Evil...” Most of the venerated scholars debate about the word, ‘Us’. However, I am not as learned so it would be wise for me to continue on the same line i.e. dilemma. As soon as Eve ate the fruit, she made a decision from her dilemma. Right from that moment, very well said by serpent, we realized the differentiation (how blurred it may appear) among the Good and Evil.

It is clear that from its very inception the human race had been condemned to exist within the eternal division, always moving between two opposing poles. Same is the case in Hinduism where the struggle between Good (Punya) and Evil (Paap) is everlasting. Even in the Satyug, where it is believed that there are no traces of Evil, honest people like Harishchandra had to suffer.

Apart from this, a man changes his choices, shift his gears more often than what can be imagined. Recently, one of my friend has decided to start jogging, to start studying for a reputed certified course, to start doing some live projects and moreover, to start working hard at the workplace to fetch a PPO. And he has decided all that, just because of a girl; and then they say that a devil has to have two thorns and one tail. No my dear, only a pair of killer eyes are sufficient for our fairer counterparts to reach that stage.

On a heavier note, to make a choice is not always an easy task. Sometimes, things may differ from what is apparent. This is an accepted fact and the underline philosophy behind "the punishment" is same, in all religions. Well, I believe that the concept of punishment was introduced so as to differentiate between the people who made right choices, mind this rightness is all subjective, and those who didn't. For example, in Arabian belief, the soul has to walk on a narrow bridge with virtues in right hand and sins in the left. This make the person (read soul) always fell towards the side to which his/her actions on Earth had inclined him/her.

Christianity speaks of a place where there would be gnashing of teeth, Islam speaks of fire, Judaism about a cave, Chinese belief is of ten million hierarchal hells, Hinduism about several stages of hell, Rourav being the toughest, Buddhism about eight fierce and eight freezing hells. All of 'em spoke about it just because as Dumbledore says in the concluding pages of Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets,” It’s not our ability which shows as what exactly we are, but it is our choices" He told that to justify as how are the Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter different, despite of so many similarities in their abilities.

Well, this is precisely the central idea of this post that everyone is same, it’s only choices which make someone successful, others not; someone good, others not; someone happy, others not; someone extraordinary and others, another brick in the wall. Go, start making deliberate choices from now because then you would be satisfied with the outcomes, whether good or bad. Remember, choices were been made and going to be made; it is another choice (the most critical one) that has to be made by you, whether you want choices to be made or to happen upon you.


sindhu said...

hey man peyush..i have no words to experess or comment on this article of urs.shall i use the short cut ie CUT CUPY AND PASTE the same comment.This time i read it 4 times to understand this. Awesome Gyan yaar..Mere tho brain cells bohat tej kam kerne lag gaye becoz just imagine after reading tat i took some time to think about the choices i made in my life..And lol.. tats becoz of ur article some where i regreted and some where it brought smile on my face. Keep publishing such thoughts of urs!!! tooo gooood.. Keep it up up up and on this link of urs.

Silent Synchronicity said...

Thank you for this post - was very close to my life. Wishing you all the luck.